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Enormous Elk Herd Amazes Randy Newberg

elk herd

These hunters are amazed at the size of a massive elk herd, and it almost costs them their hunt as they can’t decide whether to take a bull or not.

Randy Newberg and his friend Pat Schmitt, from Wisconsin, have a Wyoming elk hunt planned. Day one is incredible: the pair find themselves in the middle of a gigantic elk herd.

“Out in the sage in front of us, there are so many elk. It’s just a crazy number of elk,” says Newberg. “Since it’s the first morning, Pat’s looking at me, like, ‘Should I shoot him?'”

“It’s one of those things where there are so many elk,” recounts Newberg, “and it’s the first morning, all you can think of it ‘Man, this is gonna be a slam dunk.'”

They had 500 or 600 elk in front of them, and didn’t fire a shot.

Day two is windy and cold. The hunters basically just try to stay warm throughout the day. No elk.

Day three is 50-plus-mph winds. It’s blizzard conditions, and the guys bundle up and take turns huddling beside a fire. No elk again.

The next day, day four, is cold but clear. The men spy six bull elk in the distance, feeding on the side of a hill. Newberg makes the mistake of climbing to meet the elk rather than moving to get position above them. The elk bust them, and he kicks himself for his mistake.

But Randy thinks he has a pretty good idea of where the bulls are going. So, they decide to run back to the truck and try to get ahead of the elk. As they talk about the situation for the camera, the bulls appear just this side of the ridge.

Now it’s Chinese Fire-Drill time. The elk range at 330 yards. Pat throws his pack down, sets his rifle on it and shoots just as one of the bulls is about to move into the trees. It’s a beautiful bull.

It was also a crazy, memorable hunt.

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Enormous Elk Herd Amazes Randy Newberg