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Hushin's Utah Antelope Hunt: Two Pronghorn in One Day

Utah antelope

A Utah antelope hunt provides a ton of beautiful scenery and enough of a challenge to leave the guys from Hush and Mountain Ops smiling pretty.

Here are two back-to-back videos of a Utah antelope hunt undertaken by the men from Hush and Mountain Ops. In the first video, it's Hushin's Eric Chesser's turn as he attempts a bowhunting stalk on a pronghorn buck in Utah's northern hill country.

But first, you know what they say: When you see a coyote, your hunt automatically turns into a coyote hunt. Chesser nails a beautiful 'yote on the sagebrush flats with his .300. It's a pretty sweet kill.

After that, the pronghorn that Eric stalked busted him, and since it was getting late, the guys headed to the Western Skies Outfitters lodge for some shut eye before hitting it again on the morrow.

The next day, Eric scores on a fine antelope buck. We're not including that video here, but we are sharing the video of Mountain Ops' Casey Harbertson's pronghorn hunt.

Harbertson and the guys spot a small herd of pronghorn and try an approach, but things get jumpy real fast and Casey makes a quick off-the-shoulder shot. The buck travels several yards before dropping. It's a clean kill!

Now, the hunters show how to quickly break down an antelope using the boneless method of cleaning. It's an efficient method, especially for hot weather conditions, when an animal has to be broken down in a hurry.

They fit both of their Utah antelope into a large Yeti cooler and return to the lodge to enjoy a scenic view of the valley from the backyard.

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Hushin's Utah Antelope Hunt: Two Pronghorn in One Day