What Exactly Causes Dog Zoomies?

All dog owners have seen it: your pup gets a sudden burst of energy seemingly from nowhere. Known as "dog zoomies," this is a common dog behavior.

As dog parents, we've all seen it — your pooch will get these random bursts of energy and start running at full speed around the house, acting like a maniac with what's usually described as manic and frantic repetitive behavior, like running in circles or having some high-energy playtime.

Zooming (a.k.a. Frapping) is a very common dog behavior and, let us assure you, is also completely normal behavior. Fraps, or Zoomies, stands for frenetic random activity periods, and that's exactly what it is: when your doggy gets a case of the zoomies, they will display spurts of random frantic activity they just can't seem to contain, usually looking like your dog is zooming all over the place! (Hence, zoomies!)

What Are Dog Zoomies?

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While no one knows the exact answer to this question, it's a pretty safe bet to say that your dog zooms because they're reacting to something they are feeling. There are several possible reasons and scenarios to why your pooch gets the good old zoomies:

? It's a way to release some pent-up energy buildup.
? It's their way of handling excitement — and dogs get excited- A LOT!
? Dogs frap as a way to relieve stress and to let go of some nervous energy (like after a bath).
? One of the most common times for dog zoomies is right after bath time. It's no secret that dogs hate baths, so perhaps frapping is just their way to show how excited they are (and relieved) that it's finally over! It's also common for dogs to frap after they poop.

Sometimes, just the excitement of seeing another dog energetically play or just something as simple as going outside is enough to trigger a case of the zoomies. Pups can even get the zoomies in their sleep! All the excitement from the day can manifest itself in their sweet doggie dreams causing leg twitches to full scale running while laying down! Don't be surprised if that dream comes to life when your pup wakes up.

How to Stop Dog Zoomies

The next time Fido gets the zoomies and feels the need to run a high-speed trip (or six!) around the coffee table, just remember that zoomies are a completely natural part of dog behavior, and they're nothing to be worried about. There's really nothing to be done in most cases. Luckily, these energy spurts don't last long; they typically only last for a few minutes or so. (Sometimes, it's even less!)

Just make sure your doggy is in a safe place, like a fenced yard or an empty space inside your home away from anything breakable. (You don't want Fido knocking over that precious vase!) Ideally, it's on the carpet, so they don't slip!

But if you notice Fido is frapping daily, or multiple times a day, it might be a sign that your pooch's not getting enough exercise. Taking Fido to the dog park or on a long walk will quickly remedy that!

Dog zoomies are highly entertaining, that's for sure. It's like someone flipped a switch and turned your dog into a crazy little furball!

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