Hilarious Miscalculation Sends Zoomie-Filled Dog Right Off the Couch

Nothing like a miscalculated burst of the zoomies to get you ready for the new year.

When dogs get the zoomies, it's always hilarious. It's like they're incapable of staying still, and they sprint back and forth across the house with no concern about who or what's in their way. Sometimes they jump and twirl, and their pure energy and excitement is contagious. It's impossible to look at a dog with a good case of the zoomies without smiling.

The same goes for this sweet pup whose burst of energy ends unexpectedly. He's already sprinting through the house when the couch looms in his way. With less than a second to think, he leaps into the air aiming for the soft cushions. He ends up miscalculating his jump, and his hyped-up momentum carries him right off the edge of the couch and onto the floor.


Thankfully, the only thing the happy pup hurts during his tumble is his pride. He springs to his feet, and we can all expect him to be thinking, "No one saw that, right?" Unfortunately for this embarrassed pup, thousands of people have since seen his adorable accident. It's been passed around the Internet as a lesson of what not to do as you excitedly jump into the new year.


But like any good lesson, the pup shows that even when your mistakes bring you down, the only thing to do is get back up again. He wastes no time getting back on his paws. His case of the zoomies is momentarily staunched, but we have a feeling one little slip-up isn't going to stop this joyful dog from experiencing the most out of life.

Does your dog ever get the zoomies? Let us know in the comments.

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