YouTube: Oliver The Piggy

Oliver The Pig Has Serious Case of The Zoomies

This little pig's case of the "zoomies" redefines cuteness.

Pigs are often perceived as slow moving, but that perception doesn't apply to this little piggy named Oliver.

Oliver's perfect day does involve some stereotypical rolling in the dirt, but the larger part of it involves running — lots and lots of running. He darts off in one direction and circles back, flops into the dirt, and wiggles his tail just to race off again. This is what the zoomies looks like!

Today, Oliver spends his days lunging around with his friends and playing outside. He even celebrated his sixth birthday with a party! You can follow Oliver's journey through pig paradise on his official Facebook page or on TikTok.

All this tearing about as a youngster appeared to be for no apparent reason, but honestly, does he even need a reason to be so cute? Sometimes, you just need to zoom!

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This article was originally published September 1, 2016.

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