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Dog Rescued from Freezing Cold Is Happier Than Ever

The temperature was well below freezing the day Luther was finally rescued.

The big dog was roaming around a Detroit neighborhood scared and alone during one of the city's coldest weeks on record. Neighborhood residents gave him food and tried to lure him inside, but their reaching hands and unfamiliar faces put the nervous dog on edge. They knew the dog wouldn't survive in the cold, so they called in the pros.

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization focused on emergency animal rescues for the city's homeless, abandoned, and abused dogs. They pull dogs out of hopeless situations and make sure they're healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations before transferring them to either foster homes or trusted shelters.

Luther's situation warranted an emergency rescue, and they couldn't wait for it to get any colder.

Luther showed no signs of aggression toward rescuers, but he was timid and ran away every time someone got close. The rescue team didn't want to make his rescue any more stressful, so they set up a humane live-animal trap. Their plan worked, and they soon had the scared dog safely in their care.

Once Luther was warm and calm, he was taken to the vet's office. Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue uses donations to ensure every dog in their care is healthy and happy before sending them on to good homes. In Luther's case, there were no obvious medical concerns, but a heartworm test unfortunately came back positive.

Heartworm is a disease contracted through mosquitoes, and if not caught soon enough, it can be fatal for dogs.
Detroit Pit Crew is happy to report, however, that they expect Luther to make a full recovery. The treatment for heartworm is long and expensive, but they're determined to give him the best chance at a new life. He'll spend the next few weeks in a foster home for recovery.


Now that he's out of the cold, Luther has warmed up to people. He knows they're there to help, and he's shown them his true personality as a happy, sweet dog. Once he completes his heartworm treatment, he'll fit in perfectly with a loving family.

If you'd like to help with the costs of Luther's heartworm treatment, visit the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue donation page.

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