Rescue of a Newborn Calf Will Remind You There's Still Good in the World

When Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about an abandoned calf lying on the side of the road, the rescue team rushed to the scene.

The calf was near death, barely breathing. Her body was lifeless as they wrapped her in a blanket and put her in the rescue truck.

She was whisked away to Animal Aid's shelter, where she began receiving emergency veterinary care. The team administered IV fluids to the severely dehydrated baby.

The calf, whom rescuers named Merry, barely clung to life for four dicey days. It looked as if she wouldn't make it. But on day five, she surprised everyone and stood up on her own.

Today, thanks to Animal Aid, Merry is a happy, healthy calf who will live out her days at Animal Aid's sanctuary in the company of other rescued street animals. Merry was lucky she was discovered in time, but for many street animals, help comes too late or not at all.


Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's work on behalf of India's forgotten animals and learn how you can help save precious lives like Merry's.

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