GRAPHIC: Donkey Bludgeoned with Pipe Gets a Second Chance at Life

Don't worry! This story has a happy ending — we promise.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India received a call from a frantic man. He reported that a donkey had been brutally beaten with a pipe and had gruesome wounds all over his head and body.

When the rescue team arrived on scene, they were shocked by what they found. The donkey's head was bloodied and the beating had ruptured his left eye. This was cruelty on a level unlike one they'd seen before.

The donkey was in terrible shape and needed immediate medical attention.

The rescue team wasted no time. They loaded the donkey into their truck and rushed him to Animal Aid's shelter. There, veterinarians administered pain meds, antibiotics, and tended to more than 20 deep wounds, including several on his bruised and swollen face.

They named the donkey Veeru, which means "brave" in Hindi. For five long weeks, Animal Aid staff and volunteers treated Veeru for his physical and emotional wounds. It was not an easy road, but Veeru was a fighter, and eventually, he pulled through.

Watch Veeru's incredible transformation:

Today, thanks to the lifesaving efforts of Animal Aid, Veeru is a healthy, happy donkey who will live out his days in the company of other rescued animals at Animal Aid's rescue facility.

Animal Aid reported Veeru's case to the police and helped track down the man responsible. He has been arrested, charged, and is awaiting trial.

Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's tireless work on behalf of India's street animals and learn how you can help save precious lives like Veeru's.

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