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See the Hilarious Moment Marv the Dog Finds Out He's Not Going on Vacation

Dogs love going everywhere with their human. But, this pup is about to discover that this time it's different.

In a perfect world, our dogs would always be by our sides. There's something about bringing furry family members to dog-friendly stores, restaurants, and parks that makes every outing so much more fun. Some pet owners even take their pooches on vacation—especially if they're heading to one of the most dog-friendly cities.

Still, there are times when your puppy pal just can't come along, whether it's too long of a trip or they just aren't allowed where you're going. If this is the first time the family dog is getting left behind, they might be a little confused about the situation. More experienced pets, however, usually know exactly what's going on. Just ask Marv, the Weimaraner-Vizsla mix who just found out he's not going on vacation with his family.

Dog Shocked He's Not Going On Vacation


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"We're going to have to have a serious conversation in a couple days, because Mom and Dad are going on a trip," Marv's owner says in the TikTok video shared by @marv_moments. "And you're going to stay home."

Wait, what?! The pup's eyes couldn't possibly get any wider after hearing the news and it actually looks like he's pouting. Marv is clearly not happy about this new development. He even gives a little head tilt as if to say, "What do you mean I'm staying at home?!" This dog looks like he has practiced this look of shock and horror in the mirror, waiting for this exact moment to whip it out.

Comments from the TikTok universe poured in, with viewers loving Marv's over-the-top reaction to not going on vacation. "Bless him. What a shock. I thought he was near to tears," one viewer commented. Another wrote what they thought was going through his head: "What do you mean by that! I'm sure my suitcase is packed!" And plenty more related to the sad (yet hilarious) scene, writing that they "have the same conversation" with their own pups. Poor Marv! Don't worry, though—his dog mom assured everyone that Marv's best friend would be visiting him while they're away, so he won't be too lonely.

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