Protective Pup Ends Cat Fight Before Anyone Gets Hurt

Usually, cats and dogs fight, but this pup slips into big brother mode and pulls the cat from a fight. 

A fiesty kitty finds himself in the middle of a catfight as he sits on the steps over his home. His Golden Retriever siblings look on from inside. The cat starts to give his opponent the what for, and big brother decides it's time to step in, and the dog pulls the cat away from the fight in the funniest move ever.

Helping His Cat Friend

The Golden Retriever takes care to find the exact spot on the cat's harness the first time before he grabs it up and carries him off. The cat looks like he had been robbed of an epic opportunity to throw down with his feline competitor. The body language of both animals is priceless. However, it just shows you how much this dog loves his kitty sibling.

The doggy is incredibly protective and does not want to see the cat get hurt. The funny pet cat still tries to get in a few defiant meows as the doggo carries him away. The cat shoots one last lol-worthy look that was likely meant to be fierce.

Not the Only Cat Fight

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This apparently is not the first time the funny cat has been pulled off to a separate room by his canine sibling. In the video compilation, you can see the loyal dog stop the cat from fighting. The aww-worthy viral video shows the dog calmly squash the fight. Interestingly there is no dog fight, just a nice calm snatch and drag to keep his cat friend safe from harm. It looks like these two pet siblings get along just fine without the help of an animal behaviorist. For some dogs, the natural protective instinct kicks in. We suspect this won't be the last time this dog pulls the cat from a fight.

What a sweet, protective friend! He's definitely a very good boy!

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