Dog and Otter Playing Together Gives Us The Warm and Fuzzies

These unlikely animal friendships demonstrate that different species can be best friends. I love animal odd couples and this list even has a guinea pig and of course a lot of cats. Some of my fave animal kingdom stories like 'Winnie the Pooh' are because of all the unusual animal friendships. A few of these are heart-warming and some are a pair of funny animals just acting silly.

Enjoy these ten beautiful videos over your lunch break!

1. German Shepherd introduced to newborn goslings

The first two geese of the year have hatched on this farm and Charon the German Shepherd is very excited about it!

2. Dog and otter playtime is adorable

On the island of Borneo, an incredible bond has formed between a dog and wild otter. Check out these two engage in some adorable playtime together.

3. Dog and bird (yes!) share an incredibly unique friendship

Watch a bird and dog enjoy some down time together! I wish my dogs could spend time with my chickens like this!

4. Dog and rabbit are besties

These two bonded the moment they met! I live with doxies and they chase bunnies so I cannot imagine this for a minute.

5. Dalmatian and kitten share an incredible bond

Yes, finally a cat video except it's better since it has a cat in it! Lady the Dalmatian and Squirt the kitten share an incredible bond! Who said cats and dogs can't get along?

6. Cat and guinea pig share amazing friendship

More cats! When this foster kitten was rescued she was placed in a cage with the family guinea pig. Ever since that moment these two have become the best of friends.

7. Unusual friendship proves to be the perfect one

This story is about Ollie, an adorable little owlet and a beautiful, old Belgian Shepherd - an incredible pair of unlikely buddies. Ollie has made himself right at home atop this shepherd, and the two get along quite well.

8. Pepper, the cow, and her pup friend!

On his way down the field to do some fence repair, this farmer stops to say hi to his favorite cow, Pepper. He always has his faithful dog by his side so they became fast friends!

9. Joanna the bearded dragon and Din Din the Siamese cat

Finally a lizard! This is just a video of two rescued best friends who enjoy hanging out.

10. Boss the Doberman with his best friend Contino the horse

Their chemistry is obvious and we left the best horse video for last. Enjoy.

You see on National Geographic all the time a wide range of interspecies friendships. This list doesn't include any lion cubs, tiger cubs, or polar bears, but we do have some baby animals which are adorable.

If you live with an odd couple will you please leave us a comment! We'd love to profile your Great Dane and Golden Retriever with an unusual bestie!

Which videos are your fave? We love them all! Please leave a comment below. 

This article was originally published May 1, 2019.

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