Video Shows Comical Situations Between Cat and Dog Housemates

You know life is bound to get interesting when you have cats and dogs living under the same roof.

You never really know what you might come home to. It could be a full-on brawl, or it could be your cat using your dog as a bed. Both scenarios are equally likely because when cats and dogs "share" the household (read: cats rule the roost), all bets are off.

This video compilation showcases a handful of the various comical situations that play out between cat and dog housemates.

If you share a home with cats and dogs, chances are you've seen a few of these a time or two. Check it out:

Looks about right, doesn't it? And, as usual, the cats seem to have the upper paw in most cases. Shocker.

Ready for more? Check out this pawsome rendition of "The Great Catsby" performed by - you guessed it - cats and dogs. Then, watch these cats and dogs who can walk themselves, thank you very much.


What sorts of antics do your cat and dog housemates entertain you with? Tell us in the comments section!

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