Dog and Orphaned Fawn Become Unlikely Best Friends

Odd couple or the perfect pair?

These unlikely animal friendships demonstrate that different species can be best friends. I love animal odd couples and this video is adorable. Some of my fave animal kingdom stories like 'Winnie the Pooh' are because of all the unusual animal friendships. A few of these are heart-warming and some are a pair of funny animals just acting silly.

According to the Rumble video platform, when Khana's owner, Afik, adopted an orphaned fawn the two animals soon became an unlikely pair.

Afik described them as BFF's and this video perfectly captured that special relationship as the two huddled up close to engage in some grooming.

Their chemistry is obvious.

You see on National Geographic all the time a wide range of interspecies friendships. This list doesn't include any lion cubs, tiger cubs, or polar bears, but we do have some baby animals which are adorable.

If you live with an odd couple will you please leave us a comment! We'd love to profile your Great Dane and Golden Retriever with an unusual bestie!

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