Proof That Golden Retrievers Have the Gentlest Mouths

Golden Retrievers may be able to hold raw eggs in their mouths, but that doesn't mean they'll want to give them back to you again. 

Generally speaking, you shouldn't believe everything that you read on the Internet. It's just not a wise idea. But when one woman read that Golden Retrievers have mouths that are so gentle they can hold an egg without breaking it, well, she had to try it out. Just why you'd want to know if this is true or not? We're not sure. But she did try it anyways.

Luckily for us, her niece was on hand to record the whole experiment, and then posted it online. And, as often happens when dogs are involved, things didn't go quite as expected.

Take a look at this fun video below which eventually turned into the egg challenge.

So, evidently, Golden Retrievers can hold eggs in their mouths without breaking them - well, at least this Golden Retriever can. Something tells us the results of this experiment might not always be as neat and tidy as this one. Dogs might tend to chomp down on whatever's placed into their mouths, so you might be in for a mess if you try this at home.

Many are also worried that dogs may swallow eggs whole, so please don't leave your dog unattended if they try the egg challenge.

Many dog owners choose to feed their dogs eggs for a number of reasons. Eggs can be a great source of Vitamin A, Iron, Selenium, and a variety of other nutrients. They're also loaded with amino acids. If you want to introduce eggs to your dog's diet, it's important to do so naturally so that you don't upset your dog's stomach. Be sure to talk to your vet about your dog's particular diet, the potential benefit of incorporating eggs, and how many eggs your dog would benefit from.

What do you think your dog would do if you tried this egg experiment with him? 

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