Melissa McCarthy: Living with Golden Retrievers Is Like Living with Models

"They're pretty...they're not very bright." 

The always-funny Melissa McCarthy got a lot of laughs when she was on The Ellen Show describing her new dogs.

McCarthy and her family recently welcomed two Golden Retriever "horses" into their home and they're kinda like models...everyone just gives them things because they're so pretty.

Watch her tell Ellen Degeneres about her two new pooches, Homer and Harper.

Even though they may run into walls from time to time, McCarthy's Golden Retrievers know how to find the best angle and lighting to make them look glamorous. If that isn't the most spot-on description of a Golden Retriever, we don't know what is.

McCarthy talks to Ellen about all kinds of funny Goldie quirks like making weird noises with their toys, not responding to their names (they're still young, give them a break), and being dumb but cute. All the while making the audience and Ellen laugh so hard that tears start to appear.


McCarthy goes on to talk about her new movie "Life of the Party," written and directed by her and her husband Ben Falcone. The movie follows a couple as their daughter goes off to college and suddenly the husband says he wants a divorce.

As sad as a premise as it is, McCarthy's friend in the movie is played by Maya Rudolph and is determined to get her back onto her feet. Knowing McCarthy and Rudolph, there are bound to be some good laughs.

While the mom, played by McCarthy, doesn't regret anything about her life, she does regret not going back to school so she enrolls in the same college as her daughter...even playing beer pong with her in one scene.

Oh, and McCarthy says there is also a dog in the movie.

Will you go see the movie? Do you have a Golden Retriever and can relate to Melissa's descriptions of her dogs? Tell us in the comments below.

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