Don't Miss These Amazon Deals for Dogs, Cats and Even You!

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Gobble up these Black Friday deals on Amazon before they're gone!

The holiday season is among us, which once again means it is the perfect time for pet owners to stock up on new items for their furry friends. Never mind if your pet was naughty or nice this year. We can all agree that pets deserve nothing but the best when the season of giving returns.

From Advent calendars loaded with toys to tasty treats, new beds to one-of-a-kind holiday sweaters, there are an abundance of ideas to pick from. We narrowed 11 Amazon deals this shopping season that you won't want to miss out on. (The best part? You won't have to break the bank!) Spoil your pet or a fellow pet owner with some of these amazing deals.

Editor's Note: Deals on selected products are subject to change at Amazon's discretion throughout the holiday season.

Kurgo Dog Jacket | Reversible Winter Coat for Dogs

This adorable, reversible Kurgo dog jacket will keep your dog fashionably warm and, most importantly, functional outdoors as the weather turns cold. This jacket is perfect for those cold mornings and evenings when it's time to head out for a chilly walk. This jacket is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

Alcott KONG Retractable Terrain Dog Leash

If your current leash is on its last threads, upgrade it with this 16-foot long Alcott Kong retractable dog leash. The soft-grip handle is perfect for long walks and is available for a range of dog sizes, from small to big. This leash is designed with an intuitive brake and lock system, so you won't go falling forward when your dog wants to chase that ever-elusive neighborhood squirrel!

Bags on Board | Strong, Leak Proof Poop Bags

Picking up your dog's poop is certainly not the most glamorous job, but now you can do it in style with these adorable Bags on Board poop bags. On top of style, these bags are coated so you won't have to endure the stench of your dog's number two. I also love that they are larger than ordinary bags so you don't have to risk getting any mess on your hands.

When you're not using these bags, store them in the adorable fire hydrant dispenser!

Brindle's Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed

Teacup dogs, big dogs, lazy dogs, and sleepy dogs alike will thank you forever with this memory foam dog bed from Brindle. The 3-inch layer of shredded memory foam alleviates pressure on your dog's pressure points, and I love that the cover can be removed and thrown into the washing machine, unlike many other intact dog beds that need special care to not damage them during washing.

If you want the best deal on this memory foam bed, you have until December 5 to snag it — You can also save up to 15 percent on Brindle products by visiting their Amazon storefront during the Cyber Week shopping season.

Comfort Zone Cat Calming Kit | Diffuser and Refills

Cat owners, this deal is for you! Whether you have an anxious cat or one with naughty habits, this Comfort Zone diffuser will help in reducing stress and encouraging positive behaviors. This set is perfect if you are traveling for the holidays and plan on being away from your cat, or even introducing a cat to new surroundings. I love that this diffuser has a shut-off feature to help prevent overheating.

The formula in the diffuser "mimics a cat's natural, calming pheromones to signal to your cat that an area is familiar and safe." One refill is good for 30 days, which means daily changes won't be necessary!

Bissell De-Shedding Grooming Gloves

Does your pet run when you reach for their grooming brush? Take the hassle out of brushing your pet and grab these Bissell de-shedding gloves. These unique gloves allow you to naturally care for your pet and remove excess fur at the same time. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and come in varying sizes to fit closely to a regular set of gloves.

This deal is available on Amazon through November 30, and you can take of an extra 25 percent off other Bissell pet care items as well!

goDog Plush Dragon Toy with Chew Guard Technology

If your dog loves plush toys, they will love this goDog Dragon toy! Not only is this plush toy adorable, but it is also durable. No matter how rough your dog likes to play, the heavy-duty and chew-resistant liner is designed to provide long-lasting use — Of over 2,500 product reviews made through Amazon, seven of every ten dog owners gave this one a 5-star rating. (Knowing that plush toys aren't for every kind of chewer, that's an incredibly positive success rate.)

During this shopping season, save up to 15 percent on other goDog pet products as well!

Dexas Popware for Pets | Single Elevated Pet Feeder

There's no denying that a dog's favorite time of day is when it's time to eat. Whether you are camping or boating, this Dexas Popware elevated pet feeder is perfect for on-the-go use! You can fold the legs and store this feeder away when not in use. This is ideal if you don't want to lug around your dog's usual bowl. I love that it is available in a wide range of colors, too!

Get the best deal on this feeder through December 8, and find 20 percent Dexas feeders and travel cups as well.

Hill's Science Pet Food

Dog food gets expensive throughout the year, so what better time than Black Friday to prepare for the next few weeks when you get 20 percent off select Hill's Science dog and cat food?

Hill's Science is made with natural ingredients, and pet parents love that this brand packs in nutrients to help promote healthy digestion and shiny coats. On top of that, each purchase helps support animal shelters.

Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier for Small Cats Dogs

Are you so obsessed with your pet that you take them everywhere with you? This Texsens pet backpack carrier is perfect for taking your small cat or dog on your outdoor adventures when the New Year turns. I love that this backpack doubles as a carrier, which also makes transportation to and from the vet a breeze. The breathable mesh liner allows for proper airflow, and the padding is comfortable enough for your pet to relax. This backpack is also scratch-resistant, so you will get long-lasting use.

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