Frenchie Makes Mess, Traitorous Mastiff Rats Her Out

Snitches get stitches.

Unless you're a sheepish, paw-pointing Mastiff snitch, in which case, you get Internet-famous.

What you're about to see is a Mastiff faced with a moral dilemma. His Frenchie pal has made a mess, and he's being questioned about it. One the one hand, he doesn't want to roll on his friend, but he's equally reluctant to take the fall for a mess he didn't make. So, the question is, what's a dog in such a position to do?

The answer? Gently nudge his friend under the bus with an oh-so-innocent point of the paw.

Watch this bashful pooch rat out his naughty friend by quite literally pointing her out:

Note to self: this guy is not bury-the-body friend material.

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