Exercising Dogs In Winter: Fun Playtime Without The Frostbite

Pups have a lot of energy, but what about exercising dogs in winter? 

All dog owners know that a bored doggie can be a naughty doggie. It's easy to provide dogs with mental stimulation during the summer months, but getting in the daily exercise at the dog park isn't always feasible when cold weather hits. Even daily walks can be hard if the weather is too wet or snowy. However, there are plenty of creative options for exercising dogs in winter that get them the physical activity they need.

Indoor Parks & Playgrounds

Even the lowest activity level dog needs some daily physical exercise. An excellent way to get out some of your furry friend's energy during the winter months is to keep a consistent exercise routine, even if your outings are slightly different from during the summer.

If you or a dog walker takes your pup out in the snow, make sure your dog's paws are covered. Senior dogs and puppies will need that extra layer on their paws to keep them comfortable in winter weather. Also, no matter your pup's age, if they spend a prolonged amount of time in the cold, they should be sporting a pair of booties on their feet to keep them from getting frostbite.

Sending your pup to doggie daycare is another way to keep them active when it is too cold to play outside. There, your pup will get the chance to run around and play, all while getting in some socialization. Setting up playdates is another way to expel some energy. Playtime with other pups will leave your dog.

Activities For High-Energy Dog Breeds

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Dog health isn't the only factor in winter exercise. Some pups need mental stimulation, or they will get very bored and very destructive. In addition, many high-energy breeds like Border Collies, shepherds, heelers, and huskies need some entertainment to go along with their exercise. These dog breeds usually do pretty well in the cold. Some activities you can do are sledding and skijoring, a combination of skiing and sledding, making it pup-friendly. These pups also benefit from indoor obstacle courses or agility courses. Bonus: These activities are fun for pet owners to watch too!

Indoor Activities For Dog Exercise

If dog exercise needs to take place inside your living room, you likely are not going to be up for a game of fetch inside the house. However, there are a couple of activities that are perfect for indoor spaces, no matter what size your pooch is.

Some pet parents can play hide and seek with their pup to expend some energy. A twist could also be hiding one of your pup's favorite toys for them to find in the house. Keep your dog active with other indoor exercises like puzzle toys, tug-of-war, and learning new tricks. If you noticed some behavioral issues during the summer months, spending some time in obedience training during the winter months may be a productive way to spend time with your pup. For the yogis among us, teaching your pup to do some doga will give them some needed exercise and bonding time with you!

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