Check Out These 20 Vintage Classic RV and Camping Photos

Here's a little throwback to how camping used to be!

Recreational vehicles, camping and family road trips are more popular than ever before in North America and the rest of the world. There is no shortage of unique RVs and other ways to camp out there today.

But we've noticed that some of the retro camping stuff is as relevant today as it ever was.

So, we scoured the internet and found some great photos of vintage camper trailers, RVs and camping photos from all different time periods that should take you back to the days of the original family road trip.

20. Vintage Fifth Wheel

Surprisingly, one doesn't see a lot of vintage fifth-wheel trailers. Their popularity doesn't seem to have really taken off until the last 30 years or so.

19. Dodge Travco

You don't see too many Dodge Travcos on the road these days, which is a shame because this is one sweet-looking vintage motorhome.

18. Wood and Flowerboxes?

This photo has been circulating the internet for years now. This is one crazy, vintage motorhome. We don't even want to think about how much this thing must have weighed. They really did try to build the first totally mobile home with this one.

17. 1948 Morris Commercial LC3

This thing is awfully bulky and boxy-looking. The gas mileage is probably horrible, but it sure is awesome-looking!

16. Aero Flinte

The chrome and red look of this restored vintage travel trailer is just awesome and a real eye-catcher no matter where one's road trip might take them.

15. Classic Cars and Trailers

Vintage travel trailers and classic cars go together as Forest Gump might put it: "Like peas and carrots!"

14. Holiday House

Built in 1960, they were probably going for a sc-fi look with this design. It sure makes for an eye-catching RV.

13. Roughing it Vintage Style

Travel trailers and RVs all have their vintage fans. But there's also a dedicated subset of the internet that loves old-school canvas tents, gas lanterns and other vintage camping gear. And these die-hards still make use of these items. Who would've thought, right?

12. Shasta Airflyte

When it comes to vintage travel trailers, Shasta is a name that comes up again and again. This Airflyte Shasta trailer is what often comes to mind when someone says the words "vintage travel trailer." This style is often also referred to as the "canned ham." They've recently been re-releasing these designs due to their overwhelming popularity.

11. Winnebago

You can't talk about vintage campers without also talking about Winnebago. Check out that air conditioner sticking out the back and the back porch. How cool is that?

10. Roof-top tent

I've seen a few setups like this in campgrounds in recent years, but had no idea the designs were this old. It seems as long as people have enjoyed camping, they've looked for a unique camping experience.

9. Vintage Airstream

In the history of camping perhaps no brand is iconic as Airstream. They've been making trailers since the 1920s and Airstream now has a cult following. Many of the newer Airstream trailers have modern amenities, but the classic look still remains.

8. 1964 Aladdin Travel Trailer

Small, single-axle travel trailers are gaining popularity again these days for their miniature size and light, dry weight. But most people forget they were a big thing back in the 1960s, too. This 1964 Aladdin trailer sure has some cool lines that contribute to its unique look.

7. Volkswagon Bus Camper

Nothing says road trip quite like a VW, especially when it's a VW bus with a pop-up roof like this. We just want to get in and start cruising down the highway to forget our troubles.

6. Under the Stars

This 1957 Mercury travel trailer is another of the classic "canned ham" design. This picture is what a camping trip is all about, getting back to nature and enjoying the wonders of the universe while on the road.

5. Super Old School

It doesn't get much more retro than this. You might laugh, but consider how much of an upgrade this thing probably was over tent camping for most people. Sure, it probably didn't have any hook-ups. But it had storage space. Stuff like this is what helped birth the American road trip. It's an awesome photo and a reminder of how far RVs have come.

4. Apache Pop-Up

Most pop-up campers today feature soft canvas tent sides, but from 1970-86, the Vesley Company made a lot of hard-sided pop-ups called Apaches. Because of the short production run and unusual design, we weren't surprised to discover these trailers now have a small, but dedicated group of fans on the internet.

3. Shasta Astroflyte

One of the more interesting travel trailer designs from the 1960s was the Shasta Astroflyte. It looks like a hybrid of a fifth wheel and a regular travel trailer. Not surprisingly, these are now sought after by collectors for their unique design.

2. Truck Camper

We can't forget about truck campers on this list, either. RV manufacturers have been making them as long as companies have been making pickups. Just like the Apache pop-ups, truck campers seem to have a cult following on the internet these days, especially the vintage ones.

1. Vintage Trailer Rally


There is probably no way Airstream, Shasta or any of the old travel trailer makers could have anticipated how popular their designs would still be 50-60 years down the line. Now there are countless trailer clubs and vintage trailer rallies held across the country where enthusiasts come together to celebrate their favorite recreational vehicles.