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Check Out Airstream's Special Edition Tribute Trailer to National Parks

Images via Airstream

Only 100 of the special edition national parks trailers are to be made.

Airstream makes perhaps the most famous and iconic of travel trailers in the world. And a new limited edition dedicated to the National Parks Service's 100th anniversary is sure to make you the talk of any campground. That is, if you can afford the $114,600 price tag.


The L.A. Times reports Airstream partnered with Pendleton Wollen Mills to produce only 100 of the 2016 Pendleton National Park Foundation Airstream Travel Trailers, which were announced last Thursday. The 28-foot trailers will each support a $1,000 donation to the National Park Foundation with its sale.


Each of the unique trailers includes a unique, rustic interior. Pendleton's part in the unique trailers includes blankets, dining sets, towels, and pillows from their National Park collection.

In keeping with the theme of the beauty of National Parks, Airstream has also put a large rear hatch door that can be opened up to nature or for bringing in gear.

What an awesome-looking travel trailer. This Airstream really is a thing of beauty. I don't know about you, but I know what I'm buying first if I win the billion-dollar Powerball lottery later this week!

Images via Airstream

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Check Out Airstream's Special Edition Tribute Trailer to National Parks