sisters on the fly

Meet the Sisters On the Fly: The Traveling Tribe of Outdoor Women

The Sisters On the Fly are a motivated group of outdoor women you need to get to know.

Since its humble beginnings in 1999, the Sisters On the Fly has grown by more than 10,000 members and now calls itself "the largest women's social organization in the United States." The Sisters are a membership-based group with a drop-in-the-bucket annual fee of $70 that facilitates camping, travel adventures, philanthropic endeavors, outdoor activities and social events for women.

The organization would like potential members to know that a SOTF member doesn't need her own trailer to join. She just needs to be 21 years old and follow their rule: "No men, no, kids, be nice and have fun." She should be ready to meet new people and be in the company of women who are ready to make things happen.

This girl's-night-out group is for any women with a level of outdoor experience who love traveling and a sense of community.

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We'll let them tell it like it is for a few minutes:

What started out as a fly fishing group that had invited some friends to Idaho eventually just took off. To this day, they still reiterate that their most important rule of all is to simply be nice.

These women encourage each other to let go of their responsibilities and be a part of a greater clan, for at least the moment.

With an amazing array of retro-style campers and an all-inclusive attitude, the SOTF group is one for all women to consider being a part of.

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