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The Camo Camper of Your Dreams is Finally Here

Mossy Oak teams up with Starcraft to develop a hunter's dream home away from home.

There's no shortage of options out there when it comes to hunting rigs. Accommodations range from a single-person tent to some of the most extreme recreational vehicles on the planet. One of these vehicles is the 2019 Mossy Oak Starcraft camper trailers.

Mossy Oak Camper
Mossy Oak

Available in 18 different floor plans, these campers definitely hit their target. Starcraft and Mossy Oak combine for over 90 years of service to the recreational and outdoor industries. It makes sense for the two brands to partner up and offer a unique lineup of camper trailers. The Starcraft RVs are a nearly ideal blend of modern RV luxury and the outdoors.

"It's great to see two brands with a shared vision to get people outside and enjoying creation," said Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. "Starcraft is a legendary brand in the outdoor recreation world and we are incredibly grateful to be a part of this exciting partnership."

Mossy Oak

We now know what to look for when our family asks to upgrade to a new camper. Don't let the rugged outdoors vibe throw you, though. With luxurious leather and a drove of other modern amenities, these trailers will meet everyone's standards.

Mossy Oak

Trim and accessory options are virtually endless, but really, what's not to love about the camo pillows?

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The Camo Camper of Your Dreams is Finally Here