Mossy Oak

Mossy Oak Camo Patterns: All the Styles, Past and Present

Here are all of the Mossy Oak camo patterns that you can still get today.

Way back in 1986, two major players came forth in what was then described as the "Camo Boom." They established their territory in what would become a dream for outdoorsmen and women that love to hunt.

As most of us older, veteran hunters and outdoorsmen will tell you, it was one thing to have a shirt and pants blazoned in the old, military style brown and green leaf camouflage. But when these two new players—Mossy Oak being one and Realtree the other—made it their business to help us disappear in the woods, fields, and swamps, a new era of hunting began.

Mossy Oak was founded in 1986 by Toxey Haas and Mossy Oak's first patterns were born, including Mossy Oak's original camo pattern known as Bottomland, plus Greenleaf, Treestand, Full Foliage, and Fall Foliage. These patterns used natural elements and patterns to prove to everyone in the outdoor community that there was a Mossy Oak pattern that would fit their own personal hunting style.

According to the Sportsman's Guide it was the shadowing effect of the original Mossy Oak Break-Up pattern that changed the game. It's said that, "As printing and manufacturing methods improved, so did Mossy Oak's already-impressive stable of patterns. They redesigned Break-Up and Shadow Grass with 3D imaging, creating New Break-Up and New Shadow Grass."

Since then, Mossy Oak has been rolling out new camo patterns for nearly every conceivable hunting situation imaginable and for every new-generation hunter that comes along. With every hunter comes their own unique style of hunting and more importantly their own unique surrounding habitat. Since Mossy Oak seems to be able to consistently churn out quality product, there is seemingly no end to the possibilities.

For the purposes of this post, we'll go through the list of obvious and familiar patterns, while possibly showing you a few that you may not have heard of. All told, we should cover all the Mossy Oak camo patterns for waterfowlers, big game hunters, and everyone in between.

Mossy Oak Bottomland

This is where it all started for the Mossy Oak brand. With its natural bark elements and color tones, this immediately became a favorite of the bowhunting community and for deer hunting in general. But perhaps its best representation comes from the turkey hunting clan, where it's still worn and revered consistently year after year.

Mossy Oak Greenleaf

Mossy Oak

Mossy Oak Obsession

This pattern was created in conjunction with the National Wild Turkey Federation and has been a turkey hunting sensation since it was developed.

Mossy Oak Mountain Country

Mossy Oak says whether you're hunting in high-country timber or the open plains, Mountain Country will help break up your outline.

Mossy Oak Break-Up

Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

Mossy Oak

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity

Mossy Oak Brush

Mossy Oak Duck Blind

Mossy Oak says "Duck Blind was designed to be equally effective in marshes, potholes, riverbanks, reeds, tules, bottomland, corn fields, wheat stubble, [and] rice fields."

Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades

Here is one of the camouflage patterns that got waterfowl hunters excited to go duck hunting all over again.

This is one of the first "dead grass" imitations that I ever bought and I used it until it was falling apart. This waterfowl pattern coloration has stood the test of time and with its precise arrangement of individual blades of grass, it is the perfect pure grass pattern.

Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat

With the establishment of Shadow Grass Habitat, Mossy Oak is able to assist in funding habitat protection projects through a partnership with Ducks Unlimited.

Mossy Oak Blaze

As blaze orange requirements became law across the states, Mossy Oak knew they'd be able to capitalize.

Mossy Oak Winter

Once the snow falls, most camo patterns are rendered useless, or at least less effective. Mossy Oak knew winter hunting was a section that needed attention.

Mossy Oak Winterbrush

Mossy Oak Break-Up Pink

Mossy Oak Bottomland Pink

Both of these pink-based camo versions were created with gender inclusion in mind.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Eclipse

The dark environments inside hunting blinds deserve their own camo patterns, and Wide Open Spaces was at the unveiling of this new approach to concealment.

Mossy Oak Overwatch

Mossy Oak Overwatch is the official camouflage pattern of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Mossy Oak Elements Agua

Why release a fishing camo? Because Mossy Oak would never leave the angling community out of it, and it's actually been proven effective.

Mossy Oak Elements Terra

Terra was launched in 2017 and developed from the most basic elements of our planet: air, water, and earth.

Mossy Oak Treestand

For whitetail hunters shooting from an elevated position, Treestand is a pattern to break-up their outline, especially in the hardwoods.

Mossy Oak might just be one of the most humble and down to earth brands in America, and there sure are a lot of hunters who would agree.

They look back on it themselves with a reverence by saying, "In 1986, Mossy Oak founder and CEO Toxey Haas had the vision to take a handful of Mississippi dirt, sticks and leaves and transform it into a brand new type of camouflage."

Of course, the more popular Mossy Oak patterns become in the hunting world, the more they cross over into the mainstream as well. Heck, you can get a pair of Mossy Oak Bottomland Crocs!

As each new pattern is released, Mossy Oak pushes further into the outdoor industry echelon. Their superior ability to use both digital technology and old school know how in their creation and manufacturing processes will keep them at the top of the camo mountain for generations to come.

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