Check Out These Awesome Lightweight Adventure Campers

Taxa Outdoors has some ridiculously cool lightweight campers for adventure seekers.

When it comes to getting lost in the woods, some folks take things very seriously. Others don't want to leave the world of modern tech behind just to get lost in the woods. Whether you fall into category, Taxa Outdoors has adventure campers and travel trailers just for you.

Take a look at the model names for Taxa Outdoors camper trailers and that alone might be enough to sell you. With models like the Cricket, Tigermoth, and the Woolly Bear I'm not sure how you could go wrong with any of the options.

If the names aren't enough to sell you, consider that each model's design is inspired by Nasa to ensure high quality and creative storage options.

Each trailer model comes stock with 15" rugged radial tires and torsion axles providing an industry best 12" ground clearance. Whether you're blazing new trails on a summer camping trip or fighting rugged terrain on a high mountain elk hunt, these trailers are sure to take whatever abuse you can throw at them. Speaking of which, I wonder if they'd let me borrow one this fall.

Canopies and roof expansions open in seconds for easy set up. And the lightweight construction means even the larger cricket model can be towed by most vehicles. Yes, even your 4-cylinder hatchback.

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