Celebrities, Puns, and Coops: 27 Best Chicken Names Since Heidi Plume

Is there anything better than chickens and puns? We think not.

Dogs dancing to some fabulous beats are amazing. Guinea pigs commentating on current events are highly entertaining. We enjoy videos of cats showcasing their talents. We can't get enough pawkward family Christmas photos.

But chickens? Anything chicken-related takes home the grand prize.

If you loved our chicken shaming article, we know you'll love this creative montage of chicken names, artfully mastering the use of puns.

Celebrity Chicken Puns

  1.  Lindsay Lo-hen
  2.  Roo-Paul
  3.  Cluck Norris (Chick Norris also acceptable)
  4.  Heidi Plume
  5.  Dixie Chick
  6. Yolko Ono
  7.  Henneth Paltrow
  8.  Henessa Hudgens
  9.  Chris Poultry

Historical References

  1.  John Hancock
  2.  Eggar Allan Poe
  3.  Attila the Hen
  4. Albert Eggstein
  5.  Amelia Egghart

Pop Culture References

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  1.  Chicken Little
  2.  Yolky-mon
  3.  Hen Solo
  4. Princess Lay-a
  5.  Hooters
  6.  Gretch-hen Wieners

Chicken Vocabulary

  1.  Eggbert
  2.  Repecka
  3.  Cooper
  4.  Henrietta
  5.  Henry
  6.  Beaker
  7.  Mother Clucker

We're pretty sure we can come up with some more. Help us create another great list of chicken names by commenting on our Facebook page or giving your chicken a shout out on Instagram and tagging us.

Other names we love for the ladies? What about Potpie, Sweet pea, Olive, Ginger, Tilly, Ruby, Dolly (of course), Dusty, Rocky, Edna, Big Bird, Sunny, Harry Potter, Dottie, Amber, Henny Penny, Mary Poopins, Rose and Charlotte?

Whether or not you have Orpingtons, Easter Eggers, Rhode Island Reds or Wyandotte's, all of these names would suit any breed! We haven't named all our hens but I did name both of my Roos. I have a secret name for my favorite chicken too! I call her Little red and I love her!

You should also consider Blossom, Bob, Peter, Buttercup, Olivia, and even Phoenix!

Together, we can make sure chickens get the spotlight they deserve.

Do you know some chicken puns? What are your chicken's names? Tell us on our Wide Open Pets Facebook page. 

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