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Husky Nails "Cotton Eyed Joe" Dance Better Than Most Humans

Dancing huskies? Yes, please!

TikTok is filled with funny animals doing tricks, acting silly, and best of all, dancing. While dancing German Shepherds,  Chihuahuas, and dachshunds are aww-worthy, these Siberian huskies Cotton Eyed Joe takes it to the next level. However, the funniest part may be the non-dancing huskies' reaction. His face really reads, "Oh, here we go again."

Cue The Huskies, Cotton Eyed Joe


Good ole cotton eyed joe. #husky #tidus #SummerMashup #tiktokfamily #huskylife #fyp #huskyspeak

? Cotton Eyed Joe - The Hit Crew

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Cotton Eye Joe was originally recorded by Swedish band Rednex and has inspired many TikTok compilations. Still, this husky dancing to "Cotton Eyed Joe "by The Hit Crew is the number one video in our book. Who doesn't love dancing huskies? And a husky Cotton-Eyed Joe? Even better!

The first husky barks, signaling the other husky to start dancing. The first husky remains mostly hidden throughout the dance as the other cute pooch busts a move shifting his weight from one foot to another before shuffling to the side. Though, he almost runs into his brother. Good thing they are a loving family! The pup can pick up his feet to hit the beat perfectly.

Tiktok users loved this video about as much as we do! K9 Luna commented, "The head dip and swerve has rhythm too. This dog does to clubs. Probably does some DJ and the annual barn dance." But, of course, this just leaves us picturing the pup in a hoodie getting down to some hip hop before swapping it out for his t-shirt and cowboy hat, cause you know, you can't limit this talent to one genre.

Jackkernan107 said, "The dog said: oh this is my jam!!" While Bolt and Banssky said, "Runners/joggers waiting for the light to turn green lol."

Simo commented, "I'm teaching my dog this." It's on our doggy training wishlist too! First order of business, adopt a husky! We love these happy feet!

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