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Cat "Laughs" Along With His Human In Viral Video

This cat laughs with his owner, perfectly mimicking three different types of laughs in this viral TikTok video. 

Cat owners are thrilled when their cats successfully use the litter box or doesn't scratch up the couch. However, TikToker Mason Glasco takes it up a notch.

Glasco posted a video on his TikTok account demonstrating how he taught his cat, Cooter, to mimic his laugh perfectly, and there really is nothing cuter.

Cute Kitty Laughs


Hahahaha #cootloop #catsoftiktok #whatitslike

? original sound - Mason Adams (Glasco)

Glasco starts the video by announcing he has "taught" his cat to laugh. Coot sits patiently up on Glasco's shoulder, ready to begin the demonstration.  After all, his adoring public awaits. Glasco starts with a " ha-ha." Cooter doesn't even bat an eye and mews the cutest "ha-ha" in return. Then, Glasco moves on to a trickier, "ha-ha-haa." Once again Cooter, couldn't be any cuter with his "ha-ha-haa" in reply.

The final test is if Cooter can cat-laugh the ultimate set of "hahaha." Again, Cooter sails through the task with flying colors. The hilarious video has garnered an incredible amount of views since its posting on May 26. It has over 25 million views and almost 8 million likes, trending with other viral #catsoftiktok videos. Glasco points out on his website that his cat truly laughs on his own since many users have questioned how he gets Cooter to laugh on cue.

Don't just stop at cat laughs, though. There are some other pretty adorable kitty videos to brighten your day.

Toilet-Trained Kitty Cat


How I learned to use the toilet! #cattoiletraining #catsoftiktok #fyp #foryoupage

? Home - Edith Whiskers

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If you loathe cleaning out your cat's little box, it may be time to toilet train your cat, or at least give it a shot. Tiktok user @purberryshotcake put together a pretty comprehensive view into getting your kitty to potty, well on the potty. If nothing else, it may be worth a laugh or two.

Curious Cat


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? Open your mouth - Jay1811

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just sat in front of your cat with your mouth open? One TikTok user, @talordinh, took one for the team and tried it out for you and every other cat owner. This cat video is worth a laugh or two, or it may make you want to gag. One of the two!

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