Satisfy Finnicky Felines With These Cat Condoned Costumes

Cats are a little more finnicky than dogs, but even they can wear a cute costume on Halloween!

You've seen all the dogs in your neighborhood dressed up on Halloween. They look adorable, but you have a cat at home. That keeps you out of the pet parent Halloween fun, right?

Wrong. If you've found yourself wondering if you can put a Halloween costume on a cat, we're here to tell you that you totally can. While cat Halloween costumes aren't as abundant as those for dogs, you can still find tons of fun options, including pirate costumes, bowties, bandanas, bat wings, Batman, Disney, Star Wars, and more cute costumes for your feline friend.

Before we get to those, though, there's some housekeeping that needs to be done. The precious pusses in our lives tend to be a bit less cooperative in these matters than dogs. Dress up can quickly turn the purrfect night into one of Halloween horrors, especially if wigs, velcro, or headbands are involved. You must be absolutely certain the costume is comfortable for your cat to wear. Trying to compel a cat to do something they don't want to do will never end well, particularly for the human involved. If your furry friend isn't plotting your murder as you read this article, there are plenty of great Halloween cat costumes available on Amazon and Chewy that can allow you both to have a little bit of Halloween fun.

Back to the fun part! We've curated some of the best cat Halloween costumes and costume accessories that you can grab, whether you've got a beautiful black cat or a tubby tabby. These costume ideas are also simple enough that cats probably won't bristle at wearing them, at least long enough to snap a few pics. Your kitty will slay the spooky season, paws down.


Cat Halloween Costumes Your Cat Won't Necessarily Hate

1. Weeh Angel Wings

Sure, there was that day he pushed all the houseplants onto your new rug. But generally speaking, he's earned his wings with all the love he gives you. They also come in black for a bat cat or for a kitty costume that's a little less angelic. Just saying.


2. Frisco Cobweb Witch Hat

This classic Halloween accessory is a costume on its own for cats who like to keep it simple. It boasts an adjustable strap.


3. Frisco Snail Costume

Your partner in slime will slowly but surely take her place as the Halloween queen. Happy reviewers noted it was lightweight, comfortable, and stayed put. Funny cat costumes will make you the life of the Halloween party, and one reviewer shared, "We didn't stop laughing for 10 minutes." Who needs trick-or-treating with this kind of entertainment?


4. Enjoying Pet Sailor Party Costume

A kitty-friendly costume option, this nautical cap-collar set is simple, but packs a powerful cuteness punch. We're obsessed.


5. OMG Adorable Lion Mane 

Behold, a star is born. He can channel his inner Mufasa in this fuzzy headpiece complete with ears. It slides right over his head, so there are no fasteners to fuss with.


6. Rubie's Pizza Slice Pet Suit

If this isn't the funniest thing, we don't know what is. Parents of larger and/or fluffy felines, rejoice! Just slip the pizza slice over his head, and it covers him perfectly. He'll just think he's under a blanket.


7. Frisco Octopus Costume

Transform your feline into an eight-legged sea denizen. This costume is made of soft, lightweight fabric. The comfy cap has ear holes. Watching those tentacles bounce will make your Halloween.


8. Frisco Rainbow Cat Costume

The treasure at the end of this rainbow is the Halloween memories you'll make. The main part of the costume attaches easily with simple fasteners. This hat has an adjustable elastic ear and chin straps to keep your feline friend comfortable. Here comes the sun!

No matter which costume you choose, know that cat Halloween costumes don't have to be a catastrophe.

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