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2 Halloween Haunted Houses that Help Homeless Animals in Texas

If there is a haunted house that helps animals, I'll go. I don't love them and they scare the hell out of me but if a percentage of my ticket purchase goes to an animal shelter I'll do it.

There are two in the Lone-Star State that helps animals in need and we wanted to help you plan your Halloween activities well in advance. There may be others and if we missed a few please leave us a comment and send me an email so we can update this story! Both of these are in Dallas.

Streets to Sheets Animal Rescue and the SPCA of Texas are getting some of the profits this year from two haunted houses!

We'd love to see some pics so don't forget to share on Facebook and tag us! What we loved learning when researching haunted houses for this post, is that the OLDEST haunted house in Texas is on this list. It looks scary as hell.

Moxley Manor

  • Where: 510 Harwood Road in Bedford
  • When: Opens September 27 - 28
  • Admission: $25 general admission, $40 fast pass

The animal shelter they help is the SPCA of Texas. This is their tenth season and they were voted one of DFW's Scariest Haunted Houses in 2017 & must-see Haunted House of 2018.

Reindeer Manor Halloween Park

  • Where: 410 Houston School Road in Red Oak
  • When: Opens September 28 and runs through November 2
  • Admission: $35 for an all show combo pass and $50 for a VIP ticket

This site has four haunted areas in one.

These folks help the homeless animals at the Streets to Sheets Animal Rescue. This is from their site and I'm already terrified. They say this is an actual site of a murder-suicide in the early 1900s.

"One night the Sharps were throwing a party for friends. During the festivities they plotted a revenge. They poisoned the liquor and finished off the surviving party goers with farm implements and cooking equipment. The dead were left where they fell amongst upturned furniture. Some were poisoned, some mutilated, and some were even dismembered and burned in the living room fireplace."

Any Halloween haunted houses that help animals find forever homes win big time! The haunted attractions at these two look terrifying so you won't be disappointed.

Are you planning to go to a haunted house this year? Please let us know in the comments. 

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