9-Year-Old Wins One Year Supply of Dog Food, Donates Kibble to Animal Shelter

What a generous young boy! He pays his good luck forward! Some kids raise money for their local shelter dogs and some donate an entire year's worth of food! 

This is one of our favorite stories of the summer. A young boy won a year's worth of kibble in an online photo contest and donated that food to a local animal shelter. This nine-year-old felt bad that the dogs at the shelter were stuck in their "cage all day" and felt sorry for them. He wanted to help them somehow.

The shelter managers at Dessin Animal Shelter told local news stations they also haven't been getting a lot of dog food donations lately so this will help these dogs and the shelter get by in the coming months.

WNEP News unpacks this wonderful story for readers. Caleb Merron of Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, is a hero in our eyes.

"Caleb entered this picture of his dogs, Sadie and Charlie, into a pet photo contest online. The pups won fan favorite and Caleb won a year's worth of Purina Dog Food but instead of keeping the food, Caleb donated it to Dessin Animal Shelter near Honesdale."

Here's the segment. Enjoy!

Caleb will hand over 12 coupons for free dog food to the shelter, as soon as he receives them.

The shelter was blown away by his generosity. Let's hope we learn about more of these types of stories in the coming months.

Please let us know what you think about this story. This boy was so generous, leave us a comment below. 

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