What If Dogs Could Help Protect Kids from Mass Shootings?

Regardless of which side you lean, the issue of making schools safer is on everyone's mind.

Plans to safeguard schools include arming teachers, modifying gun laws, and adding more security to school campuses, but there's another idea that isn't getting as much media attention. With a powerful sense of smell, dogs are already being trained to detect explosives and firearms. They're used for military purposes to protect soldiers, and they patrol large events. Why can't they do the same for schools and the students inside?

Police K9 Team

Working K9s work to block the flow of illegal drugs into the country, they detect smuggled agriculture products like poached ivory, and they even thwart terrorists. Detection canines are also present at concerts and festivals, NFL games, the Kentucky Derby, and the Masters golf tournament.

Placing these working K9s in schools could potentially stop deadly attacks like the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida. Dogs of all sizes and breeds can be trained in weapons detection, and larger breeds like German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are also trained to attack on command. Their skill and bravery could be a valuable asset when it comes to bringing down active shooters.

Dogs could be used in concert with security personnel also stationed at schools. They can be placed at the front doors as students and teachers file inside as well as other high-traffic areas. Dogs can also be used to search lockers without having to open locks, and they can do it all faster than an entire team of security personnel.

Dog looking for drugs in luggage storage

Another idea is to tailor the dog to the type of school. Elementary schools, for example, can employ small, family-friendly dogs that the students learn to love. If implemented correctly, the mere presence of a weapons-detection dog on campus would deter would-be attackers from bringing guns and explosives anywhere near school grounds.

There is no quick fix to make schools a safer place, but many people believe training more dogs in weapons detection and placing them at schools would be a positive step forward.

Do you think weapons detection dogs would help make schools safer? Let us know in the comments.

h/t News Observer

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