Enroll Your Kids in Farm Camp this Summer, 5 to Choose From

Believe me, you don't have to be a kid to want to go to farm camp this summer! I guess part of my dream to attend farm camp is why I have 20 chickens so as an adult I'm going down to the coop... or camp every day!

I attended different camps including sports, drama and of course I went to an art camp where I created masterpieces that I worked hard on all summer.

Now kids can go to summer camp at a farm and learn how to collect eggs, milk cows and even groom horses (safely) so here are 5 summer camps for your family to consider when weighing all the options. This is just a sampling for city kids to look through! Urban kids may enjoy a change of scenery.

1. Birch Creek Service Ranch

This camp tradition was started by Lowell Bennion in the early 1960s and continues to impact participants at Birch Creek Service Ranch in Spring City, UT. The mission at BCSR is to teach 12-15-year-old boys and girls to value nature and hard work.

2. Angelic Organics Learning Center


Angelic Organics Learning Center first began offering on-farm programs in 1999, in partnership with the Angelic Organics CSA Farm. They accept campers of all genders from ages 8-12 during regular weeks, and ages 12-15 during teen weeks. This camp is in Caledonia, Ill.

3. Muscoot Farm

Modern Farmer recommends this camp outside of NYC.

"This turn-of-the century farm, outside of New York City, offers a half-day Wrangler Camp for kids ages four and five (a livestock-centred experience) and a six-week-long Young Farmers camp for kids in grades one through eight (which includes a range of farm activities)."

How fun for these tiny children!

4. 123 Farm


Taste of Home recommends this one for the kids! Ages 6-13.

"Every morning begins with feeding and watering the chickens, sheep and cows. Then, activities change up based on the day. Campers might process wool, collect eggs, make ice cream and butter or check on the honeybees."

5. Sproutin' Up Farm

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday you'll be learning about plants, bugs, pollinators, crops, chickens, and so much more. The camp is for ages 5-10. This camp is in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Whether we're looking at day camp that lasts the morning or afternoon, all of these five options sound amazing for kids. They'll make new friends while bonding over collecting eggs and learning about farm animals. Farm to table is where it's at so the more children understand where their food comes from is important. All of these working farms have very hands-on programs.

Know someone who would like to attend farm camp? Tell us in the comments below! 

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