Brown Bear Kodiak Island
YouTube: Billy Molls Adventures

Hunter Downs Massive 10-Foot Brown Bear on Alaska's Kodiak Island

Brown bear hunting on Kodiak Island is a real challenge.

When it comes to bear hunting, many put Alaska's Kodiak Island on the top of their bucket lists for a dream hunt. For good reason too. The place is remote and cut off from the rest of the outside world, making it a true wilderness backcountry hunting experience. Also, it is home to some of the biggest brown bears on the planet.

Case in point is this intense spot and stalk hunt for a 10-foot giant. Guide Billy Molls puts hunter Ryan Hiatt in perfect position for this monster and he drops it quickly with two well-placed shots.

The true size of the bear is not immediately obvious until the hunter walks up and looks at this beast's massive head and paws up close.

That was one massive bruin. That makes the pack out more difficult, but probably more rewarding too. Hunts like this are why people travel to Kodiak Island from all over the world, for the chance at the animal of a lifetime in a place that few humans will ever set foot. Seeing that monster walk out of the fog like that is a moment that none of these hunters will forget anytime soon.

Part of the experience is probably just taking in the beautiful landscapes from the mountains all around them. You cannot pick a better backdrop for a hunt than this.

This hunt also gives you an idea of just how common brown bears are on this island. Seeing 30 brown bears in only a few days of hunting is an amazing feat all by itself. In addition to brown bears, the island is also home to mountain goats, caribou, sitka blacktail deer, and more. No wonder humans have been hunting this island for thousands of years.

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