Bear Climbs on Plane
Facebook Screenshot: Goal Aircraft

Only in Alaska: Curious Brown Bear Climbs Onto Plane

Most people don't have to worry about having a brown bear climb on their plane. That's different in Alaska, though.

There's a reason they call Alaska the last frontier. Not only is Alaska full of lots of potentially dangerous predators, it's also really tough to access many parts of the state.

Due to the relatively small number of roads in Alaska, people rely heavily on planes to reach some of the more remote areas with great hunting and fishing opportunities. However, sometimes that involves hazards that you didn't even know existed.

It just turns out one of those hazards is a curious brown bear. One that weighs significantly more than much of the rest of this airplane apparently. Just watch the video to see what we mean as the curious bruin seems utterly perplexed by his aviation discovery.

Bears are a curious lot and this one just couldn't quite figure out what this airplane was supposed to be. To the point that it may have damaged this plane a bit. At the very least, the pilot needs to do a careful inspection to make sure nothing was totally damaged. At least it makes for a wild video though, right?

How'd you like to try explaining that to your insurance company? We would love to be a fly on the wall during that conversation. Airplanes are not cheap. We do not know what insurance for aircraft covers. We imagine that damage by bear is likely not a claim that happens very often. Fortunately, there is video evidence here to prove this incredible claim.

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