grizzly bear
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Remember the Hunt for This Record Alaska Brown Bear?

This awesome video shows Jack Brittingham's hunt that ended with him arrowing the new Pope & Young world record Alaska brown bear.

Hunting any large predator with a bow, particularly a brown or grizzly bear, can be a pretty exciting experience. Jack Brittingham's 2004 hunt where he arrowed what turned out to be the new Pope & Young world record Alaska brown bear was no different.

Check out the video to see just how intense things got on his hunt.

Could you handle it?

Was that a massive bear or what? That must have been a pretty exciting stalk as they crept closer and closer to it.

Things can get pretty dicey in a hurry when you're that close to a big bear and shoot it with a bow, particularly if you screw up your shot placement. For this reason, it's extremely important to make a good shot on the bear without it knowing you were there.

Jack also went one step further in this case by carrying a handgun chambered in .50 Action Express as a last resort in addition to having his guide back him up with a rifle. Fortunately for them, they didn't end up needing their guns in this instance. Better safe than sorry, though.

He made a good shot on a massive, world-record Alaska brown bear to cap off what looked like a pretty exciting hunt. Congratulations, Jack!

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