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Video: Alaskan Muskox Square Off in Brutal Head-Butting Battle

Facebook: Jeremy Jacobson

Simply watching this clip is sure to give you a headache!

The male muskox is a heavyweight contender, relying on his head to do the grunt work when it comes to winning battles.

As a means to establish a harem of cows and beat out competing fellas during the rut, a muskox will partake in a game of head-butting. And, let me tell you, it's brutal in both sight and sound.

This game of "knocking each others brains out" will continue until one bull concedes and walks away.

See the Full Version Here to see this just south of PS03 with my buddy Jonathan on his birthday!

Posted by Jeremy Jacobson on Monday, August 20, 2018

Is your head tingling slightly after watching that? Mine sure is.

To the victor goes the spoils, but boy does it ever look like it hurts!

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Video: Alaskan Muskox Square Off in Brutal Head-Butting Battle