YouTube: Scott Lawrence

Snowmobile Collides With Running Deer

A collision between a snowmobile and a whitetail deer resulted in one of the more gory pieces of video that you're likely to see.

Everyone outdoorsman knows that collisions between animals and vehicles happen far too often. The results are often catastrophic on both sides.

When a snowmobile traveling at high speed strikes a deer, we shudder at the thought of what damage might result to both machine and driver, let alone the deer.

This video shows just such a collision. It is both explosive and surprising.


As the deer races onto the snowmobile trail, the driver has zero chance of avoiding it. He T-bones the small whitetail with such force that the deer's back-half almost literally explodes, spraying tissue and innards into the air. It's ugly and shocking.

But the video is also surprising because, from what we can see, the damage we might have expected to the driver and his snowmobile was thankfully about as minimal as could possibly be.

He immediately slows and comes to a stop, gets off of his snowmobile with seemingly little after-effect from the collision, and checks the front of his machine. It appears to have suffered little if any damage.

Amazing. Surely the small size of the deer resulted in far less damage than what there might have been.

In any event, it's a rough scene. If you're a snowmobiler it is certainly worth reminding yourself to be alert and treat driving a snowmobile with at least the same defensive attitude and care as you do with your automobile.

Be safe out there this winter!