moose vs. prius
Rumble: ViralHog

Bull Moose Takes Out His Frustrations on Woman's Car and Mailbox

Sparring bull moose causes $5,600 in damages to Prius.

Alberta Laktonen's daily dog walk in Anchorage, Alaska, was anything but ordinary on the morning of October 20.

While leaving her home that day, Laktonen noticed a small bull moose peacefully nibbling away on her neighbor's front yard. But when she returned a short while later, she discovered the once-docile moose was now sparring with her prized Prius.

Watch the video below:

Laktonen began recording the grudge match as a way to prove what had happened for insurance purposes. But as the attack continued, and after a failed phone call to her husband for help, she finally dialed 911. It was at that moment the frustrations of the moose subsided, and off he went.

According to Laktonen the damages to her car totaled $5,600. No word on the health of the mailbox.

Anyone else thinking that maybe this moose just isn't a fan of electric cars?

Only in Alaska.

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