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The Smart Car That Took on a 900-Pound Bull Elk

Chris Markevich

A British Columbia man owes his life to his tiny Smart car after hitting a 900-pound bull elk.

Chris Markevich hit a bump on the road, quite literally, the night of July 14 as he set off from his home in Campbell River, on Vancouver Island, to pick up his wife from the airport. After leaving a gas station on route to the town of Comox, and having just pulled out onto the highway, Markevich had a collision with a 900-pound bull elk.

The impact caved in his windshield and front end, and also caused the vehicle to roll several times before landing upright in the grassy median. The elk lay dead in the lane beside him.



“I thought at some point something was going to come through the car, impale me and I’d be done,” he said, describing the aftermath of the impact. Fearing his vehicle might catch on fire, Markevich pulled himself from the wreckage as witnesses came upon the scene to help.

Markevich texted his wife from the back of an ambulance to explain his reason for being late picking her up. Of course, she didn’t believe him.

The lack of a protruding bumper on his Smart car may be the one thing that saved his life. Generally, in a collision with an elk, the bumper forces the animal up onto the roof and through the windshield.

Markevich’s faith in his Smart car is strong. “One thing is for sure, Smart car has a customer for life,” he said.

Photos: Chris Markevich



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The Smart Car That Took on a 900-Pound Bull Elk