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Massive Brown Bear Stands Face-to-Face With Bowhunters At Only 5 Yards

This amazing archery hunt for Alaskan brown bear gets up close and personal, ending with a 5-yard shot.

Hunting Alaskan brown bear with a bow always has the potential to be an intense and exciting experience and things can go wrong in a hurry if you screw up your shot placement on a bear that size at close range. For this reason, it's extremely important to make a good on the bear without it knowing you were there.

Here you'll see Gus Congemi try his hand at doing just that in this video of his hunt near Ugashik Lake in Alaska. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

This is the type of hunting adventure that lasts a lifetime in one's memory and will be a tale these guys will be re-telling to friends new and old for years to come.

Nice shot Gus! Seeing that other bear stand up on his hind legs like that must have gotten the blood pumping for both of these guys. A bear hunt rarely gets this exciting. Personally, we would be tempted to mount that bruin full body just the way he stood up like that. Give the taxidermist some stills to totally recreate the whole scene.

With a skull measuring 29 6/16 inches using the SCI system and 29 inches using the Pope & Young system, that massive bruin he ended up taking is currently the biggest Alaska brown bear taken with a bow in the Safari Club International record book as well as the No. 2 bear in the Pope & Young record book.

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