Trout Lures

7 Best New Trout Lures

Here are seven new trout lures that have hit the scene and already gained attention.

When it comes to the world of trout fishing, not much gets by anglers that chase what might possibly be the world's most wary group of fishes. Trout can be stubborn, finicky, surly, and downright condescending to anglers that try to catch them.

That's why we try to keep a constant eye out for everything that might be new and help make all of you aware of it. Sometimes stuff rolls out so fast it's tough to keep up, and you find you're just trying to keep up.

We'll discuss a few traditional fishing options, because lures come and go, but the best ones can remake themselves. Several of these suggestions do just that.

Truscend Jointed Swimbaits

The 3D, realistic-looking eyes and pearl powder coating make this swimbait appear to be very delicate and vivid so that it looks like a real wounded baitfish. With all the segments giving it a ridiculously lifelike presentation you may have to have your buddy hold the rod with you.

Acme Rattlin' Spin Master Spinner

This great looking inline spinner from Acme is named the Hot 2 Trot and it looks like it's ready to go. The Spin Master comes equipped with a lively flutter blade style spinner that is specially shaped to provide an accelerator body that encloses six constantly-shifting ball bearings. The resulting pulse-action not only produces an amazing underwater sound, it enables the blade to start spinning the moment it hits the water.

Berkley PowerBait Power Nymph

Maybe not entirely new but new enough in the big scheme of things, this PowerBait-scented Berkley soft plastic is made ust for trout. Emulating what we know to be one of the trout's favorite meals, this bait teases fish into biting by using a ribbed body design and multiple legs for realistic drifting action. It also has feelers and claws that help move it in the water column with very little rod movement.

Dynamic Lures Trout Attack Soft Swimbait

It wasn't long ago that Dynamic Lures introduced a swimbait perfect for a ton of different situations. This 2-1/4-inch swim jig is made with a narrow profile that mimics baitfish. Plus, the jighead is designed to deflect off of most structure, making it great for fishing near rocks and submerged timber.

Berkley Powerbait The Champ Minnow

Designed by back-to-back Bassmaster Classic champion Jordan Lee, The Champ Minnow features a lifelike minnow's profile, high-definition colors, and Berkley's effective Powerbait Scent formula. So yes, it's meant primarily for bass fishing, but this specific minnow imitation would certainly make some trout eager to feed on it.

Luhr-Jensen Hot Shot Diving Plug

Every so often a lure comes around that mimics the real thing in ways that can't be matched. Every trout fisherman has caught a trout on a trout at one time or another and this casting, trolling, or drift fishing dynamo has prove its worth more than once.

LunkerHunt May Bug Bait Jar

The LunkerHunt May Bug Bait Jar is designed to mimic the year's first May fly hatch. It is meant to be used in conjunction with light lines and diminutive wire hooks for the most stealthy presentation imaginable.

This bait won't dry out in the sun or lose performance in the water when other lures do. It features a special technology that makes them extra durable while also being infused with Lunker Attractant.

Trout Fishing Lures

If this were an article about the best trout lures then you might just see some common and vaunted name brands including the Rapala Jointed Minnow, Blue Fox Vibrax, Panther Martin, Mepps Aglia (my personal favorite), or the original Rooster Tail. We focused on newer lures to help add to this historically productive list.

Whether you are targeting brown trout, rainbow trout, or brook trout, your tackle box always has room for some new lures. Trout anglers everywhere who love to catch fish on ultralight gear, especially in clear water, have an advantage when they tie on something new.

Sometimes the same old thing can have a brand new twist. Anytime we see a new in line spinner bait, soft plastic grub, trout worm, or a shad imitation, you can count on the fact that it is based on past success.

Crankbaits and manufactured trout bait can catch trout, but one thing that they all have in common is the combo of great different colors and sizes that catch game fish when nothing else will.

A great lure doesn't have to have a brand name, but it does need mimic live bait in everything from small streams to deeper water. And once it starts to prove itself to the angler, you won't care what its name is.

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