Twitter/Ward Transport

Truck Driver Gets Fresh Fish Delivered to Windshield Courtesy of Bird

High on the list of things you'd never expect to hit your truck windshield: a fish!

Outdoorsmen know the life of a fish can be a bit turbulent. One minute you're resting, thinking about a snack, and the next you're being tugged towards the water's surface by the sharp hook caught in your lip.

Of all the bad days a fish can experience, this series of events from North Carolina might take the cake. And it was all captured by a video camera.

After presumably getting pulled from its watery home, this good-sized fish (maybe a crappie or sunfish?) took a flight in the clutches of a bird's talons. To make matters worse, the bird flew over a bridge, where the fish slipped from its grip and proceeded to smack into a truck's front windshield.

You can see the event unfold thanks to a camera mounted above the truck's windshield.

The video was originally shared via Twitter by Ward Transport. It apparently happened "southeast of High Point where Interstate 73 crosses Randleman Lake in Randolph County," according to the Charlotte Observer and reported by the Associated Press.

Once Spring is officially sprung and temperatures warm up across the country, wildlife encounters (however odd they may be) always seem to increase. Since it's that time of year, this sort of incident isn't a complete surprise. What with some critters emerging for the first time in months from hibernation or winter sedation, others using every opportunity to search for a suitable breeding mate, and even more giving birth to unexperienced offspring, the spring season always seems like a busy one for wild animals.

This can be both good and bad. Who doesn't enjoy seeing a newborn whitetail fawn walking with its mother? Alternatively, who wouldn't be nervous seeing a venomous snake while out on a morel mushroom hunt?

And, for this poor trucker who probably had quite a scare, who wouldn't panic seeing a flying fish headed straight for their windshield?!