YouTube: Zaher Jose Abad

Grouper Catches 4-Foot Shark By Surprise

Is it shark week or grouper week?

Have you ever seen a grouper eat a shark? Groupers have to swallow their prey because their mouth edges aren't filled with teeth.

This video shows the amazing inhaling power of a grouper as is swallows a shark whole.

Take a look as this small shark is swallowed in one bite.

Although the footage is a little shaky, the fisherman captures a rare sight while reeling in a shark. The grouper made one swift motion to attack the shark while it was still hooked by the fisherman.

The grouper's mouth and gills create an intense sucking power to bring prey in to eat, even from a distance. Did you know groupers use their mouths to swallow sand in order to form their shelters under big rocks, and then jet it out through their gills?

Their gill muscles are so powerful that it is nearly impossible to pull them out of their cave if they feel attacked and extend them in order to lock themselves in.

Moral of the story: always keep your camera handy because you never know if a grouper will come inhale your catch.

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