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Boat Ramp Fail: Wife Drives Truck into Florida Waters [VIDEO]

boat ramp fail

A Ford Super Duty goes for an accidental swim in this hilariously sad boat ramp fail.

A boater’s wife accidentally submerged their brand new truck in Fort Myers, Florida. According to a source, the truck’s gear slipped out of “park,” and it did not have the parking brake on.

Watch the aftermath and add this to your list of what not to do next time you take your boat out.

Is a bad day fishing better than a good day at work?

In this situation, maybe not. This Ford was certainly not stock, but it looks like it had some serious upgrades.

I truly feel bad for this couple; it might be a sore topic at the dinner table for quite a while. Hopefully, they had more than liability insurance or purchased some good warranty plans.

The lesson learned here is always use the parking brake and don’t rely on simply putting the truck in “park.”

Accidents happen, but this is truly unfortunate!

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Boat Ramp Fail: Wife Drives Truck into Florida Waters [VIDEO]