Pike fish underwater
Getty Images, mel-nik

Hungry Pike Catches and Swallows Big Trout Like It Was Nothing

Pike are one of the most ferocious freshwater fish on the planet. Their appetite knows almost no bounds. They'll eat minnows, bluegills, perch, and other gamefish. Even other pike aren't totally off the menu for these ambush predators.

However, it's hard to put into words what great predators they are. Sometimes, it's best to just see something for yourself. When you see the size of the trout this one tackles you'll start to realize how true that statement really is.

All kidding aside, the Esox family of fish are top of the line predators for a reason. This will make you rethink that nagging feeling that your lure is too big!

Here's the video of a fish that is obviously in someone's aquarium. The people watching these scene unfold are as shocked as we are that the toothy pike would even attempt to attack another fish this large.

It was a little hard to to tell, but was that a brookie? It was amazing to see how that pike was able to work its way down the trout's body to its head without losing the grip on it! That's where this animal's teeth come into play. They were firmly cramped down on the trout's body and there was no escaping them from there.

The people watching said they even saw a little blood from where the pike's teeth punctured the scales. That's not really visible in this video, but we don't doubt that it happened either. 

Once he got it turned to slurp it down it was all over...or was it?

Certainly that pike wasn't going to lose his meal, it just makes you wonder if it managed to survive it! At the very least, we know that pike probably didn't need another meal again for quite a while after downing that prey!