Jordan Lee
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New "The Champ" Series of Baits and Reel from Jordan Lee Debut

Jordan Lee gets his own line of signature baits and tackle.

Winning the Bassmaster Classic once puts your name on the map. Winning it twice immortalizes it.

Jordan Lee became just the sixth angler to win the "Super Bowl of bass fishing" twice, joining legendary names Rick Clunn and Kevin VanDam. He further cemented his name in bass fishing history in second Classic win by coming back from a nearly 14-pound deficit to win on the final day.

It was the biggest comeback ever in the tournament. 

The young bass pro fell short of his bid to become the first to win the tournament three years in a row this past season, but he's certainly earned some respect on the Bassmaster Elite series.

Winning the Classic also helps you get some brand-new product endorsement deals, and these new ones were just announced for Lee through Berkley and Abu Garcia, just ahead of the International Convention of
Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) next week.

Let's see what's coming soon to your favorite tackle store.

Abu Garcia Jordan Lee LP 7 SP Combo

Jordan Lee Baits

This new series of gear is all designed by Jordan himself, and they're calling it the "Jordan Lee The Champ Series." We're digging the look of these rod and reel combos, but the performance shouldn't be ignored.

The Abu Garcia LP reel features five stainless bearings and a roller bearing and a Power Disk drag. The spinning rod combo has six bearings plus one roller bearing and Abu Garcia's Everlast bail.

Both rod and reel combos feature custom Winn grips and should be ideal for a variety of bass fishing situations.

Berkley PowerBait The Champ Minnow

Designed for jigheads and drop shot fishing, this minnow was made with a tail that mimics baitfish perfectly. The color and pattern of this bait is what Berkley is calling "HD Tru" color technology, and it gives this minnow a great look to go along with the profile.

These are expected to start selling for an MSRP of $6.99. No word on how many come to a package, but we like the look of this bait. Berkley's notes say the colors featured here are a "baby bass" pattern, but we bet it can pass for a small shad too.

Berkley PowerBait The Champ Craw

Lee designed this soft-plastic crayfish imitator with extra large claws that are supposed to float much like how a real crayfish falls in the water. Berkley is using the same HD Tru technology on this bait to give it a realistic appearance. To us it looks like something both largemouth and smallmouth bass would love to chow down on.

Berkley PowerBait The Champ Swimmer

This swimbait has been designed with a larger paddle tail to displace water and bring in the big bass in a hurry. This swimmer was also designed to more easily hide hooks. It should be great for fishing in especially weedy areas where other lures are constantly getting hung up.

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