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Here's Matt Lee's Favorite Bass Fishing Setup

What to find out about angling pro Matt Lee's favorite bass fishing setup?

It isn't fancy. It doesn't make waves, have particularly pretty colors, or do amazing things on the retrieve.

It's a drop shot, and it just so happens to be the favorite bass fishing setup for Matt Lee, professional fisherman and Mossy Oak pro staffer.

Ready for him to go into detail on why, and to give you a few tips on fishing this technique?

We thought so.

When you catch fish for a living, and the success you see (or don't see) on each cast dictates your earnings, you should do something that works.

Lee understands how effective this simple strategy can be, and it's probably the favorite of a lot of other anglers too.

Even though the swim bait fishermen and dock skippers on the pro tours get a lot of attention, they'd be lying if they didn't admit to using a drop shot now and then, especially when fish in the live well is a necessity.

Do you fish a drop shot? How do you set it up? You're likely not alone, and have the catch counts to prove it.



Here's Matt Lee's Favorite Bass Fishing Setup