35 Reasons to Get Outdoors on Memorial Day

There are plenty of reasons to spend Memorial Day in the outdoors.

It's a perfect time to have a long, holiday weekend, and Memorial Day is a special one. Once you've taken the time to remember the true meaning of the date, and why it's so important to all Americans, there's plenty of time to enjoy yourself.

Show the fallen service members the respect they deserve, and practice a freedom we all have and shouldn't take for granted: the right to relax and recreate in the great outdoors.

Just in case you needed more convincing, here goes a list of 35 good reasons for some outdoor activities to truly kick off your summer adventures.

1. You've likely got the day off.

2. Your kids are surely out of school, and you can take them with you.

3. You'll be carrying on traditions that the United States were founded on.

4. Many online outdoor gear retailers are holding Memorial Day sales.


5. This period is the best time of year to get outside.

6. Many game fish species are in the midst of spawning, making for ideal conditions.

7. Varmints are out, ripe for the taking.

8. Varmint hunting in the off season is a great way to practice for big game.

9. It's the unofficial start of summer.

10. You can test gear you've purchased for fall hunting season.

11. Weather may not be great everywhere, but a little rain hasn't stopped you before.

12. You could take an Armed Forces member with you and celebrate with a hunting or fishing trip.

13. Some states are holding "Fish for Free" days with no license required.

14. You could use the opportunity to introduce someone new to the outdoors.

15. You may even be able to drag your spouse into the field or onto the water.

16. There are plenty of fishing tournaments you could enter, if you're feeling lucky.

17. You might see something like this.

18. Or this.

19. You might catch something like this.

20. But then again, you might run into this. At least you'll have a good story!

21. If you're using your hunting or fishing license, or buying new gear, you're supporting wildlife conservation and habitat restoration.

22. You'll get exercise and fresh air, a couple things we could all use.

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23. You'll have less concrete, plastic, metal, pollution and smog to deal with the further away from the city you get.

24. You'll enjoy yourself, unless it rains.

25. Even if it rains, you can still catch fish.

26. You could visit a National or State Park.

27. Or you could visit a National Forest.

28. You could head to the range and practice shooting for fall hunting season.

29. You could try fly fishing.

30. You can go boating.

31. You could do something awesome even if you're a beginner.

32. You could teach yourself a new skill.

33. You could share the experience with others, and make the most of the day.

34. You'll have a story to tell.

35. You'll have a memory to keep.