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It’s About Time to Watch Some Boat Fails [VIDEO]

Boat fails like you’ve never seen before. Enjoy!

When you think about the biggest and most popular types of memes in the wide world of the Internet, it’s usually the fails that are mentioned as the leaders. There’s just something about watching the misfortunes of other people thats, well, just plain awesome.

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Then you come across something perfectly in line with the season, a boating fail video.

True, not all of these apply to fishing boats, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two.

From YouTube user TrIsTeNRuLeS13, here are your boat fails.

Caution: Some strong language is included in the clip.

If it weren’t for modern technology, cameras wouldn’t be so accessible, and we would have never captured all that great boating failure action.

Take a clue; while you are all getting your vessels spruced up and ready to hit the water this spring and summer, try not to commit any of these atrocities.

Question: What was the Batmobile doing in the ocean?

What was your favorite part of the boat fails video?

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It’s About Time to Watch Some Boat Fails [VIDEO]