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Sewer Fishing New Trend? [VIDEO]

The latest trend in urban angling: Sewer fishing.

Yup, you read that right.Take a look:

Texas teen Kyle Naegeli says he's the pioneer of the sport, which seems to be most popular among suburban teens.

Naegeli, 15, catches fish from local sewer holes using a 10-foot line hooked with hot dogs as bait. He sets a line every week, and checks from his home's window to see if it moves.

By the looks of the videos we've seen online, bass and catfish seem to be the most abundant sewer fishing catches.

Another video shows a teen catching a bass in a matter of seconds while sewer fishing from a storm drain in a backyard.

We can only hope these fishermen washed their hands when they were done, and don't think we'll be adding them to the fish fry anytime soon.

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Sewer Fishing New Trend? [VIDEO]